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Welcome to Data Doc Imaging Services Company, Inc. a leader in information management. For over three decades we have been providing the newest technological trends in the information management industry. Our experience, knowledge, and attention to detail will be reflected in the way we service your needs.

We are proud to provide to our clients a state of the art solution as well as a very customized solution for their particular information management needs. Our goal at Data Doc is to provide secure capture, management, delivery and presentation of critical information for our clients. Let us consult with you and together we can discover the best solution for your organization.

  • Computer Output to Laser Disk

    Computer Output To Laser Disk (COLD)

    COLD technology makes searching for information more efficient and less time consuming. Report files are easily indexed to optical media such as CD or DVD. This information is then viewed from the CD or DVD or downloaded to a client server. The information appears exactly as it would be printed on paper.

  • Computer Output Microfiche (COM)

    Computer Output Microfiche (COM)

    COM is still proven to be one of the most cost effective and secure methods to archive data. The life expectancy of fiche is over 150 years. Because fiche is unalterable, secure, easy to read and economical it remains the storage solution of choice for many companies and government agencies.

  • Document Scanning And Image Conversion

    Document Scanning And Image Conversion

    This solution to information management provides our clients with the ability to scan and index their documents to a digital format. Their information is then readily available to them via a personal computer or network. This technology frees valuable floor space and eliminates misfiled documents.

  • Data Storage

    Data Storage

    Data Doc provides our clients with a secure way to store their terabytes of data! From short term storage to long term archive storage of mission critical data we have been storing data for a diverse group of clients for over 30 years. Whether you are a small company or a larger corporation we can develop a solution for all your needs.


Fast Silent Cubes
Long-term data archiving
Document Imaging
Managing Documents One Page At A Time
Computer Output Microfilm
Your Data - Your Media Format



"We were certainly in need of a company with your expertise in data storing and retrieval and you guys out performed my expectations."

"Not only have you solved our problems and needs but you and your staff have been very pleasant and helpful."

Chuck T - Capitol Materials, Inc.

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“The level of services we provide our customers today is unacceptable tomorrow. We as a company need to continue to improve the services we provide for them. Our objective is to meet compliance demands and protect against technology obsolescence.”

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